Bird Bath

15 Sep 2019

If you are living in a city, one of the best things you can do for the birds is to set up a bird bath. During summer, the temperature goes up and that affects birds.

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We moved to Bangalore in 2009. We are staying in a small apartment. For the first two years, we had not done much for the environment. We had a small lawn around the building that was too costly to maintain. During the third year, we started planting useful plants and trees. Same year we kept two bird baths. One on the roof and the other in the garden. When pigeons invaded the bird bath on the roof, we had to remove it. But, we continued to fill water in the bird bath in the garden. It is a pleasure to listen to the birds when they find the bird bath with clear water, and after they take a dip.

Sharing some of the pictures from our birdbath.

Raksin birdbath 1

Raksin birdbath 2

Raksin birdbath 3

Raksin birdbath 4

Raksin birdbath 5

What shutter speed will you set to capture this move?!

Raksin birdbath 6

Raksin birdbath 7

Raksin birdbath 8

Ready for the next flight!

Raksin birdbath 9

It is easy to setup the bird bath. To set up a cost effective and efficient bird bath, you just need to get a good shallow clay or terracotta tray. Place some stones in the tray and place a stick on the tray. Since the water is stagnant, do not forget to change it frequently.

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