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19 Oct 2023
Bengaluru Getting Ready for Durga Puja 2023.
12 Jun 2023
Anjaneya temple at Agara, HSR Layout. A view from the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Bengaluru.
31 Dec 2022
08 Sep 2022
Elephant on the road…original? Near St.Johns hospital, Koramangala, days before Onam.
13 Jul 2016
Childhood memories of a Keralite is never complete without memories of one or more trips to movie theatres. When we were kids, we enjoyed movies in large single-screen theatres. Many of these theatres do not exist anymore. Few of these theatres exist… just as buildings. “Vinod” theatre in Angamally, Kerala, is one such movie theatre...
30 May 2016
Visit to some places enthrals you even if you are visiting the place for a 10th time. Dakshinachitra, the culture and heritage village, on ECR Road, Chennai, is one such place. Each visit to Dakshnichitra provides a new learning experience. Dakshinachitra is one of the few places my daughter wants to visit during any visit...