09 Mar 2020
Metro overbridge work in progress over the KR Puram Outer Ring Road overbridge, Bengaluru. 09 March 2020 – 05:30 PM
31 Dec 2019
28 Dec 2019
We had a visitor today. A beautiful moth. Looks like Striped Tiger Moth. Another view: Bengaluru, December 28, 2019.
09 Dec 2019
“Info Weak WiFi detected!” is the message you get when you open Federal Bank’s FedMobile Android app on new Android phones running Android 10.0 and above while you are on a WiFi network. I moved to a OnePlus7T running Android 10.0.4 and installed all my usual apps. Except FedMobile, all other apps worked perfectly fine....
09 Nov 2019
02 November 2019 Quilandy (Koyilandy), Kerala, India A last minute change of plan and I ended up driving to Quilandy with Abhilash. Just before the Quilandy bus stop, we got the usual heavy traffic and we stopped at a point for few minutes. One thing I like about Calicut and Quilandy is the presence of...
31 Oct 2019
Have never noticed cannibalism in dragonflies. But today I saw one. Then a search on Google confirmed it. I was standing outside my home. The weird sound of two dragonflies flying around caught my attention. Initially I thought it was a mating dance. But then the duo sat on a banana leaf. I saw the...
24 Oct 2019
October 24, 2019 early morning at Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. I am impressed by the camera and the phone performance. Planning to do another post on what I like about this mobile and …well… Wait for some feature that I don’t like. Read more about Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) on wiki.
19 Oct 2019
The state of Telecom. Poor subscribers! Is this BSNL or any other service provider?! Bangalore, Whitefield, Kundalahalli Gate October 15, 2019
13 Oct 2019
Every moment has a story. This video is from 2017, recorded on a Lenovo K4 Note with a clip-on macro lens attached to it. In 2015, my dad had a stroke and from then on the frequency of my travel to Kerala increased. The few days I stayed there, I preferred to be at home...
29 Sep 2019
Roadside view from Mysore, Karnataka, India. Tangawala; Year: 2007 Meaning of Tanga.