Guhanagari: A Book on Urban Wildlife

01 Sep 2019

I did my post-graduate studies living in a university campus. I still consider those days as the golden days of my life. The campus was large, beautiful, and full of greenery. The campus also had a large botanical garden, so many plants that attracted butterflies in large numbers, a “beauty spot” to enjoy the sunset, and much more. Even my graduate college campus was so beautiful and full of greenery, it resembled a small forest. We used to spend a lot of time outdoors. On a lucky day we would get a chance to see several unexpected wonders of nature. It was in the university campus I got a chance to take the first photograph of green vine snake catching its prey a lizard that looked much larger than the snake. These campuses were far from the urban population. But what about a campus within the Bengaluru city, but with a wonderful animal life in it.

Christ University, Bengaluru – a place so close to where I live, but so far just because I have been to the campus only once and haven’t got a chance to explore it.

Christ University Campus, Bengaluru, on Google Maps

Location of Christ University Campus on Google Map

A story in “The Hindu” newspaper on a book written by two students of Christ University caught my attention. The book, published by the Christ University was on the dynamic wildlife on the Christ University campus. Towards the end of the news, the reporter had provided the e-mail ID of one of the authors – Pradeep Hegde. Out of curiosity, I decided to get in touch with him and try to obtain a copy.  After a few email exchanges, he agreed to send me a copy of the book by courier. Thus, I got the book — GUHANAGARI.

Guhanagari in Kannada means “Land of Mystery” or “An Unexplored Area”. Each campus is a Guhanagari in that sense.

Front Cover of Book GUHANAGARI

As the name suggests, the book written by the students from life sciences department Pradeep Hegde and Sagar HS has captured the dynamic animal life on the Christ University campus.

Back Cover of Book GUHANAGARI

I am not going to divulge more about the content. Buy it, read it, and keep it as a reference.

This bold effort by these two students should be an inspiration to the next generation of students to explore their campuses and learn more about the environment around them.

This blog was drafted in 2016. Remained in the Draft folder for several reasons.

Book Details:

Name: GUHANAGARI – A Book on Urban Wildlife at Christ University, Bengaluru
Authors: Pradeep Hegde and Sathya Chandra Sagar HS (Batch 2012-15), BSc, Department of Life Sciences.
Published by: The Centre for Publications, Christ University, Hosur Road, Bengaluru
ISBN: 978-93-82305-93-4

For more information on the book and its authors visit their website:

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