Butterfly and Ant

13 Oct 2019

Every moment has a story.

This video is from 2017, recorded on a Lenovo K4 Note with a clip-on macro lens attached to it.

In 2015, my dad had a stroke and from then on the frequency of my travel to Kerala increased. The few days I stayed there, I preferred to be at home most of the time.

During one such trip, I was feeling too lazy to do any work. So I just roamed around the house observing flowers, butterflies, damselflies, ants and what ever was there in the garden. In between, I tried my hands on the camera capabilities of my mobile phone — Lenovo K4 Note.

After spending few minutes observing few butterflies, I noticed that on butterfly is sitting on a plant and an ant approaching it.

Watch the video for the rest of the story.

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