Covid-19: Lockdown Weekend

01 Apr 2020

The Corona Weekend… March 28-29, 2020 – Bengaluru, India.

I had been working from home for the last two-plus weeks because of the nation-wide lockdown in India. All employees were recommended to work from home until further notice.

With the work from home routine, I saved three hours of travel time every day. But, the boundary between the office time and the personal time were blurred most of the days.

It was too hard not to touch the office laptop during weekends. Friday night (or Saturday early morning?!) we made a plan of action for the weekend and made sure I stay away from office work.

Main task was to clean the compost bin.

The DailyDump – Compost at Home Khamba we had been using for 5+ years required a good wash and clean.

Fix drip irrigation pipes for the jackfruit tree and plantain we planted few months ago.

Some more gardening…etc. etc…

From our small balcony…organic..just compost and kitchen waste.
“Panikoorka” in Malayalam; Mexican Mint

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