The Training

08 Nov 2015

SsplayaLake mar 2013 000 lr wp


Mr. S was waiting for someone near a Lake… looking at the already polluted lake.

An old dull teal scooter came towards him… slowly… and took a right turn towards the lake.


This is not the person he was waiting for. 

But, many things on the scooter caught his attention…

more attention than the rider.

the black plastic cover that was hung on one side of the handle,

the white plastic cover—much larger than the black one— kept safely near the rider’s leg…

the old number plate…the smoke from the exhaust…

The scooter stopped on the newly and illegally filled lake bed.


The rider looked left, then right, and then a sweeping 360 degree…

In a swift action, he threw the black cover to the lake…

one more second, and there goes the large white plastic cover…to the lake.

Relieved…the rider turned the scooter and went back the same way he came.

A week later…

Mr. S is standing near the same lake. Curiously watching the vehicles filling the lake bed with construction debris.

Here comes the same scooter… but today there are two riders on the scooter.

The pillion rider is a teenage boy… and he is carrying a large white cover.

The scooter, as usual, stopped near the lake.

The rider looked around…

and in a second the black plastic cover flew into the lake…

and in another second…

the teenager threw the large white plastic cover into the lake.

Relieved, the rider turns the scooter and takes the same way back home.

A large certificate appears in the polluted air…

visible just to Mr. S.

“… the Teenager has successfully completed the training on how to pollute lakes and water bodies…”


[Story based on true events that happened near the Somsandrapalya Lake in HSR Layout, Bangalore.]

Photographs of Somsandrapalya Lake taken in 2013:

SsplayaLake mar 2013 006 lr wp

This road to the KCDC plant is believed to be an illegal filling of lake bed. Road is believed to be built exactly where there was a ‘Rajakaluve’ earlier.

SsplayaLake mar 2013 012 lr wp

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