Thuppanchira Pond: More Photographs

30 Apr 2015

These are some of the photographs from Thuppanchira Pond taken between 2011 and 2014. Oh! that white patch that looks like a building is my home.

IMG 5034 lr

 We need these ponds to preserve the various stages of plant life in the surrounding area…

IMG 5036 lr

The pond is rich with aquatic life…

IMG 5042 lr

Early morning… water droplets on grass blades…

IMG 5075 lr

IMG 5078 lr

The playground of Dragon flies, Damsel flies, and birds…

IMG 5086 lr

 King fishers and cranes are a normal sight…

IMG 5090 lr

 Woodpeckers like to hang around in this area!

IMG 5093 lr

It is time we take some steps to revive and restore our water bodies including this Pond… the Thuppanchira Pond.

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